Attention Insurance Agencies: New Rating Platform Will Replace WinRater

Boston Software’s new rating platform, SinglePoint, will be going live in early 2018. Once all agencies are live with SinglePoint, Boston Software will be retiring WinRater.

What does this mean for your agency? 

WinRater will no longer need to run locally on a server or workstation in the office, and all quotes will be stored in the cloud for easy sharing and access.  SinglePoint will make it easy to share quotes between office locations using the new online platform.

If your agency is running on Terminal Server, we will want to reevaluate your network setup once SinglePoint has been fully implemented.

With the retirement of WinRater, there may be network changes that can be made to improve overall performance of your network.

Boston Software has provided some helpful videos and FAQs on their website.  For more information about the transition or SinglePoint, please visit the Boston Software site:

For any further questions, please feel free to call JMK.