Choosing the Best Company for Your IT Needs

Businesses have always been dependent on Technology. However, keeping your systems running and protecting your company from Cyber crimes has become more difficult. It’s important to have someone monitoring your systems at all times who can identify issues as soon as they occur. Most small businesses do not have an in-house expert to handle these tasks.

If your current staff does not have this skill set, consider outsourcing your IT needs. Businesses of all sizes have the same fundamental needs when it comes to technology: staying connected and keeping company data secure. Outsourcing technology is an affordable and scalable way for businesses of all sizes to meet these needs on a continuous basis.

Choosing the best company to handle your IT can be a daunting task. We recommend that you look for the following attributes when choosing.

  • Years in Business: Experience is always important.
  • Size of the MSP and its customers: Is the MSP’s current portfolio like your company?
  • Industry experience: Look for companies with solid experience working within your industry.
  • Tool sets: What tools the company uses to monitor and perform other tasks such as Backups etc.
  • Cloud Offerings: What Cloud Offerings does the company provide?
  • Help desk: Do they have a local help desk or is it outsourced?
  • Referrals: Always get referrals from your peers.

While all business models are different, JMK has tested and proven methods for keeping your company’s network connected and secure.  We have been serving New England based companies for 25 years, with a 100% Massachusetts based help desk, and using the best tools available.

If you would like to learn more about JMK or setup a network assessment, contact us today!