Cyber Security Review

As business owners, it’s important to review your Cyber Security Solution regularly.  This helps to ensure your network is protected from the every-changing cyber threats and reduces the chance of your business becoming a victim of cyber criminals.

There are many different steps you can take to secure your data and devices.  There is also not one solution that can protect your business; comprehensive cyber security solutions have many pieces working together to protect your network as a whole.

Below is a checklist you can use to review your cyber security solution and expose any potential weaknesses.

  • Basic Network Security:
    • Does your business use a firewall?  Does this firewall have security software enabled?  Is the firewall configured properly to maximize security?
    • Does every device on the network have Anti-virus software?  Is this software active on all workstations?
    • Does your email system have a Spam filter?
    • Are all devices patched and updated regularly?  This protects devices from being exploited through known vulnerabilities.
    • For remote workers, do they securely access the network remotely using SSL VPN?
    • Does your business have a trusted Data Backup Solution?  Having strong backups can drastically reduce the impact a virus has on your business.
  • Employee Awareness:
    • Email is the #1 way that cyber criminals attack a business. Does your team know how to identify a Phishing Email?
    • Social Media and other popular websites can lead to viruses being installed on a network.  Know before you click!  We recommend not browsing to these types of websites on devices connected to the business network.

You can learn more about different types of computer viruseshow to identify phishing scams, and download our info-graphic to share with your employees.

For 25 years, JMK has been supporting and protecting networks for small businesses across New England.  If you have question about cyber security or would like us to perform a security assessment, contact JMK today!