Only Half of Ransomware Attack Compliance’s Safe from Data Loss

In a recent survey featured here by CyberEdge Group it was revealed that only half the people who were victim of ransomware in 2017 were able to recover their files after complying with demands. The only protection against these harmful infections is to back up your data. Backups will ensure safe and easy recovery for lost data in a ransomware attack.

Of the attacks that were recorded last year many users were able to recover their data through backups or the decryption software provided by ransomware attacks.

A big question in the CyberEdge Group report is determining if there is a tie between these attacks and lack of skilled personnel. The CyberEdge Group was shocked that year after year employers number one reason for being vulnerable attacks was that there was “low security awareness among employees” and most recently “lack of skilled personnel”.

It’s important that at JMK we reiterate the importance of employee awareness in minimizing cybersecurity risks. Be sure to inform your employees of the precautions that can be taken to protect yourself from malware attacks.