The Importance of a Redundant Internet Connection for Your Business

Internet is crucial for the everyday operation of businesses today. Brief outages can cause major aches and pains for a business, for example…

  • Emails go unanswered, leaving partners and clients in the dark.
  • Files stored in the cloud are inaccessible and your apps become almost useless.
  • Customers may not even be able to reach you by phone, resulting in business productivity (and profits!) plummeting.

Every good business strategy mitigates risk in some way. Installing a redundant internet connection is one method to ensure your business is always online.

What is a redundant internet connection?

A redundant internet connection, or backup internet connection, is a link to the internet that activates when your main internet connection fails.  A single internet connection is never 100% reliable.  The backup connection ensures your computers and network are always connected.  The backup internet connection can be done manually or by using a router/firewall capable of automatic fail-over.

What are my redundant internet connection options?

We recommend that the secondary internet connection be on a different carrier or network. If both internet connections are from the same provider and their entire network goes down, so does your backup internet solution.

Depending on geography, a different carrier may not be available for your business.  In that event, we would recommend using a different technology for a backup line, such as 4G Branch Routers and SD-WAN.

Does my business need a redundant internet connection?

Ask yourself this question… “How much does my business rely on the internet?”  Think about VOIP phones, email, online tools, cloud storage and web browsing.  If your business relies on any of these web-dependent functions every day, it would benefit your business to obtain a internet fail-over solution.

How can JMK help in this process?

JMK can help you identify your business’ internet needs and provide you with various redundant internet options for your business. Once the backup line is obtained, JMK can configure an automatic fail-over to the secondary line to ensure the highest level of connectivity.

Call us today to discuss your internet needs and options for redundancy.