Phishing Scam Exploits Parkland High School Shooting


Phishers attack people in all ways possible, most recently phishers have decided to seek charitable donations for the victims and their families of the Parkland High School shooting, as well as, blood drive donations. People are very susceptible to these types of phishing scams. To protect your employees we recommend that you share this message from with them:

[ALERT] “Lowlife internet scum are trying to benefit from the Florida Parkland school shootings. They are now sending out phishing campaigns with topics and hashtags like Parkland, guncontrolnow, Florida, guncontrol, and Nikolas Cruz that try to trick you into clicking on a variety of links about blood drives, charitable donations, “inside” information or “exclusive” videos. Don’t let them shock you into clicking on anything, or open possibly dangerous attachments you did not ask for!

Anything you receive about the Parkland shooting, be very suspicious. With this topic, think three times before you click or tap your phone. It is very possible that it is a scam, even though it might look legit or was forwarded to you by a friend — be especially careful when it seems to come from someone you know through email, a text or social media postings because their account may be hacked.

In case you want to donate to charity, go to your usual charity by typing their name in the address bar of your browser and do not click on a link in any email. Remember, these precautions are just as important at the house as in the office, and tell your family.”

JMK suggests that this message is sent out to all employees to ensure their online safety.