Protect Your Laptop with Windows BitLocker Encryption Feature

What is BitLocker

BitLocker is an encryption feature of Windows that is meant to protect data on your laptop by providing encryption. Encryption is when plaintext or data is converted to an encoded version that can only be decoded by another entity with access to a decryption key. Essentially encryption provides security for your important data on your laptop like passwords and credit card information.

How does BitLocker Protect You

BitLocker encrypts the hard drive on your laptop for protection against data theft or exposure on laptops and removable drives that are lost or stolen.

BitLocker can also give you a sense of security when deleting data on retired laptops. When information has been encrypted it’s much more difficult to recover deleted data than if the drive was not encrypted.

BitLocker is available for free on devices running using Windows 10.  JMK recommends that all company laptops are encrypted to ensure company data is safe in the event of a laptop being lost or stolen.

If you have questions about BitLocker or email encryption, please feel free to contact us.

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